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La Dolce Vita Resort Pool Maintenance

Resort Pool Maintenance by La Dolce VitaThe lure of a comfortable lounge chair beside sparkling pool is something that many vacationers simply can’t resist.  La Dolce Vita resort pool maintenance staff knows that vacationers want to spend their days reading, tanning or sleeping by the pool.  This makes proper pool maintenance absolutely essential for any hotel or resort.  If your pool is not properly cleaned and maintained, the excitement that your guests will feel will diminish turning to disappointment and even disgust. It is said that the pool is one of the most critical selling points for any hotel or resort.  We believe a well-appointed and maintained resort pool is will makes a considerable impact on guest perception of the establishment.  Ask your resort manager if La Dolce Vita maintains the pool at your next beach resort destination.  Learn how La Dolce Vita can bring any pool to life.

Proper Cleaning

Any outdoor pool is susceptible to insects, leaves and other contaminants. Maintaining the beautiful and alluring image of a resort pool is about making sure that the pool is skimmed regularly to remove unsightly objects.  Vacuuming will remove any contaminants that may have become submerged in the water or have settled at the bottom of the pool.  Proper resort pool maintenance also involves scrubbing using a special brush to clean the tiles so that it stays looking clean and beautiful.  La Dolce Vita resort pool maintenance will keep the guest happy and pool healthy.

Chlorine or Salt

While some pool choose salt water purification, the vast majority of hotel and resort pools use chlorine in order to keep them clean and healthy for guests. Chlorine kills bacteria and other contaminants that can get into the pool, ensuring that anyone who swims in the pristine water won’t become ill.  A critical step of regular pool maintenance is testing the water to make sure that the appropriate level of chlorine is maintained at all times, adding chlorine when necessary and occasionally shocking the pool.  La Dolce Vita resort pool maintenance staff will monitor the chlorine levels in a pool on a daily basis.  Relying on professional pool maintenance services ensures that not only is this step done, but it is done to exacting specifications. This is important because if too little chlorine is used, the resort pool can become contaminated with bacteria, mildew, germs and insects.  Too much chlorine leads to chemical imbalance can cause skin and eye irritations and other concerns. It is vital that the chlorine or salt levels remains in the appropriate balance in order to keep the pool clean and usable at all times.

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La Dolce Vita pool care and maintenance ensures beautiful sun decks and sparkling clear water.

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