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La Dolce Vita Pool Side Food and Beverage Service

Pool Side Food and Beverage by La Dolce VitaPamper your self in luxury and indulgence.  La Dolce Vita pool side food and beverage services takes your vacation to the next level.  We know vacations come in all kinds.  Families choose Florida vacations for a unique experience.  All Florida vacations, whether it is a luxurious romantic weekend at a Destin Resort or a family getaway to Miami, have one thing in common: enjoying indulgence in food and beverages.  La Dolce Vita pool side food and beverage attendants take lounging by the pool to another level of pampering and enjoyment. Ask your resort manager if La Dolce Vita attendants will be serving you at the next resort destination you choose. Learn how we La Dolce Vita can transform any pool into a luxury destination.

Importance of Hydration

Spending a day in the sun, pool side has many considerations, but one of the most important is hydration.  The warmth and the glow of the Florida sunshine may be welcomed by visitors, especially those who are seeking refuge from cold and harsh winters.  It’s important to remember that when spending time outside you’ll need to stay hydrated.  Pool side food and beverage services are an enjoyable and relaxing way to get the hydration you need, without having to think about lugging bottles of water around to the pool.  With La Dolce Vita, there is no reason to tote bags of food or leave the pool area to get a beverage.  Simply visit the convenient concession area or order a cool drink from one of the pool attendants. Whether you desire a bottled mineral water or a fruity and frothy beverage during your vacation, La Dolce Vita pool attendants will keep you feeling your best and make the most out of your time in the sun.  Stay healthy and feel fantastic while you’re enjoying your vacation!

Sweet and Savory

Everyone loves to snack on vacation. Just mention the idea of a long road trip and most people will start planning out exactly what types of snack foods they need to have with them during the trip. This desire to indulge in sweet and savory treats doesn’t stop when arriving at your Florida destination. If anything, being on vacation is accepted by many as a free pass to enjoy all of the resort has to offer. La Dolce Vita pool side food and beverage services make sure that when you are spending an afternoon working on your tan on a comfortable lounge, reading a good book or even actually taking advantage of the crystal-clear water of the resort pool, you will have constant access to a variety of delectable snacks. Not willing to completely let go of your healthy eating philosophy while enjoying your Florida vacation?  We offer fresh and beautiful food and beverage pool side options that you will feel good about.  Having an attendant bring you a luscious snack in the middle of the afternoon definitely beats a bag full of potato chips from your tote bag!

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