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Kayak Rentals

Head out on a thrilling trip that combine friends and exercise for a truly unique experience. Florida kayak rentals give you an opportunity to observe incredible wildlife in their own habitat and get a new perspective of the beautiful landscape, but on a much more active scale.  More ambitious yet? Try fishing from a kayak. Just want to relax? Calmly paddle through the sparkling blue green water for true bliss. Whatever your desire, our Florida kayak rentals will satisfy the adventurous or the leisure seeker.  Look at the locations below to find the nearest kayak rental location.

Workout in the Wild

Many people find it very difficult to keep up with exercise while on vacation. Renting kayaks, however, means that you can still work out while making the most of every moment that you have in Florida. Operating a kayak is not necessarily an easy feat, but it is also not so difficult that you won’t enjoy the activity. Some kayaking areas are quite calm and much easier to navigate, while others require strength and focus to maintain control over the kayak. Be sure to discuss your limitations and the type of experience that you desire with the company so they can help you and your friends have the best experience.  La Dolce Vita is the place for Florida kayak rentals.

Closer to “Home”

If you would rather not leave the Miami or Destin area, La Dolce Vita is the place you can rent kayaks and enjoy this incredibly scenic form of exercise either on your own or with a group of friends.  You may also get the opportunity to combine kayaking with other adventures such as snorkeling and exploring some of the stunningly beautiful protected wildlife areas to create an unforgettable excursion.  Many people come to Florida to vacation and find their central location in either Miami or Destin.  These fantastic locations are home to beautiful spots such as the Seascape Resort and Dania Beach just waiting for you to take hold of them and start creating memories.
Going to the beach has been taken to new heights. LDV offers a complete line of services from Double Decker Pontoons, to Golf Carts, and Beach Bonfires. La Dolce Vita’s rental services spans from the beaches of Destin, to the beaches of South Walton along 30A. Locations include, luxury condominiums and public beach such as the Whalestail at Seascape Resort.


Destin Harbor – Crab Island

Seascape Resort

Seascape Resort Amenities

Silver Shells Resort

Sandestin Resort

Frangista Beach

Four Mile Village

Amalfi Coast

1900 98

Costa Del Sol

Compass Rose

Calhoun – Crab Island

South Walton – 30A

Sanctuary by the Sea

Sanctuary at Redfish


Bella Vita